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Launching a New Product for Your Bounty Hunters

So you understand how Bounty Hunters are motivated. Your sales team want to know how you’re going to help them make money. They are hunting customers for the commission bounty spelled out in their compensation plans for successful sales. They worry that any time not spent selling is time wasted. How can you possibly get these sharks to stop swimming long enough to hear what you have to tell them? Here are some practical examples. Continue reading

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The Mindset of the Bounty Hunter

so often, as Dark Side Marketers, we do need the Bounty Hunters of the Sales team. No matter how good your product is, it won’t sell itself. Someone has to go out and find the customers. And that someone is Sales. Let’s see how the Sales team’s motivation determines their actions. Continue reading

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ProductCamp Boston – Balance to the Force

This weekend I’ll be attending what’s billed as “the largest gathering of product managers and product marketers in the Boston area,” at the 2012 ProductCamp Boston “unconference” event in Cambridge. I’ve volunteered to lead a session that I’ve become passionate about in my last several years: “How to Talk to Sales.” Whether I end up leading a session or not, this is a perfect topic for this space. Continue reading

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Day two of Force Training for 500 Dark Jedi

Another day of convening with fellow Dark Jedi marketers, and discussing how to work well with the bounty hunters in sales. You Light Side engineers are already bored, right? Just remember the basic premise of this blog–namely, engineering and marketing are not as different as you’d think. Both involve very similar problem solving skills, even if the weapons are a bit different. Here’s my takeaways from Day Two. Continue reading

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Day one of “how to work with your bounty hunters”

The SiriusDecisions Summit is all about how to align your marketing organization with the sales organization. So yes, like my prediction yesterday, it really is how a Dark Jedi can hire his Bounty Hunters to get what’s needed. Here’s some quick thoughts on Day One. Continue reading

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When the marketers are marketed to

Today I’m off to a “marketing conference,” specifically, the Sirius Decisions Summit. It’s the engineering equivalent of going to a developer’s conference. But I am nervous. After all, marketers are often accused of being verbose windbags. Will I be seeing any useful content, or will I get a lot of talk about “best practices” and “leveraging core assets”?
Continue reading

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The Cast of Characters

The metaphor of the Light Side, the Dark Side, and everything in between. Continue reading

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