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About Jeff Foley

Jeff Foley is the Director of Product Marketing for Customer Service Applications at Pegasystems. Jeff started his career as an engineer at Dragon Systems, before moving over to “the Dark Side” of marketing as the product manager for Dragon NaturallySpeaking v5. Throughout product launches at enterprise and consumer companies like Dragon, edocs, Atari, Nuance, Bullhorn, and now Pega, Jeff has aligned sales, marketing, and product organizations around new technologies to deliver software his customers love to use. Jeff holds BS and MEng degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Three Guiding Principles for Marketing

Every Evil Empire needs some sort of manifesto to guide its rule. The Sith Lords had their Rule of Two. The Hutts had their own ruthless philosophy. Why not Marketing? I’ve been involved in a lot of different marketing Empires … Continue reading

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Launching a New Product for Your Bounty Hunters

So you understand how Bounty Hunters are motivated. Your sales team want to know how you’re going to help them make money. They are hunting customers for the commission bounty spelled out in their compensation plans for successful sales. They worry that any time not spent selling is time wasted. How can you possibly get these sharks to stop swimming long enough to hear what you have to tell them? Here are some practical examples. Continue reading

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The Mindset of the Bounty Hunter

so often, as Dark Side Marketers, we do need the Bounty Hunters of the Sales team. No matter how good your product is, it won’t sell itself. Someone has to go out and find the customers. And that someone is Sales. Let’s see how the Sales team’s motivation determines their actions. Continue reading

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ProductCamp Boston – Balance to the Force

This weekend I’ll be attending what’s billed as “the largest gathering of product managers and product marketers in the Boston area,” at the 2012 ProductCamp Boston “unconference” event in Cambridge. I’ve volunteered to lead a session that I’ve become passionate about in my last several years: “How to Talk to Sales.” Whether I end up leading a session or not, this is a perfect topic for this space. Continue reading

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A long time ago…

Three years ago I started this blog, because I had stuff I needed to say. A few months ago, I realized I still had more to say. Join me as I revisit this Star Wars metaphor, and together we’ll rule the galaxy, father and son — er, I mean, explore more ways to close the gap between the Light Side of engineering, the Dark Side of marketing… and the Bounty Hunters of sales. Continue reading

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Humanizing copywriting

I’m on a constant quest to stop people from talking like they think marketers are supposed to talk. Many others have done more than I to highlight the perils of biz-blab, gobbledygook, and buzzwords. But it’s easy to tell people what they’re doing wrong. Can you catch people doing what’s right? In my mind, it’s not enough to write copy that’s clear. It needs more than clarity… it needs excitement. Pull. Something to hook your audience emotionally and bring them into your pitch. Here are a few simple examples. Continue reading

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From the Customer’s Perspective

Encountered a classic mistake this morning. I read about, a new startup competing with Groupon and other buyer-aggregating deal sites. The first time you hit their site, you see a nice simple starting web page that has a place for your email address, a drop-down for your location, and a huge button that says SEE TODAY’S DEAL. Clicking on that button led to a sobering example of how to fail to design for the user’s perspective. Continue reading

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