About the Author

Jeff Foley, Dark Side Marketer

Jeff Foley is the Director of Product Marketing at Agero.  Jeff started his career as an engineer at Dragon Systems, before moving over to “the Dark Side” of marketing as the product manager for Dragon NaturallySpeaking v5. Throughout product launches at enterprise and consumer companies like Dragon, edocs, Atari, Nuance, Bullhorn, Pegasystems, and now Agero, Jeff has aligned sales, marketing, and product organizations around new technologies to deliver software his customers love to use.

Jeff holds BS and MEng degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He should have known something was up when he enjoyed his Humanities classes as much as his technical classes.

It should be noted that the thoughts expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer, Agero.

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One Response to About the Author

  1. Uncle Al says:

    Hi Jeff

    I truly enjoyed “DarkSideMarketing”. Great Stuff!
    Is Matt the journalist/business editor/my son, aware of your writing talent?
    Hope you and your family are all well and enjoying the Halloween season.

    Peace & Love

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