ProductCamp Boston – Balance to the Force

This weekend I’ll be attending what’s billed as “the largest gathering of product managers and product marketers in the Boston area,” at the 2012 ProductCamp Boston “unconference” event in Cambridge.  Over 350 people have registered to attend.  The topics for the unconference are arranged and chosen by the attendees from 8-9am, and then given in multiple rooms on multiple tracks until the end of the day.

I’ve volunteered to lead a session that I’ve become passionate about in my last several years: “How to Talk to Sales.”  It’s telling that we’ve gotten a bunch of Jedi together but no bounty hunters.  “We don’t need their scum,” right?  Except that that attitude is exactly why the relationship between product teams and marketing teams sour when it comes to working with sales teams.  There’s an effort to build the product, and an effort to promote the product… and then it’s thrown over the wall to customers and to sales and someone says, “Go.”

Whether I end up leading a session or not, this is a perfect topic for this space.  Over the next few posts I’ll talk about the mindset of Bounty Hunters, the worst mistakes you can make when working with Bounty Hunters, what you can do to improve your interactions with Bounty Hunters, and finally some examples of how I’ve successfully “hired” Bounty Hunters in the past.

And I’ll definitely report back on what I learn from my Force training at ProductCamp Boston.


About Jeff Foley

Jeff Foley is the Director of Product Marketing for Customer Service Applications at Pegasystems. Jeff started his career as an engineer at Dragon Systems, before moving over to “the Dark Side” of marketing as the product manager for Dragon NaturallySpeaking v5. Throughout product launches at enterprise and consumer companies like Dragon, edocs, Atari, Nuance, Bullhorn, and now Pega, Jeff has aligned sales, marketing, and product organizations around new technologies to deliver software his customers love to use. Jeff holds BS and MEng degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.
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